Eau Claire man runs the 4x4x48 challenge for a good cause

Published: Mar. 6, 2021 at 7:39 PM CST
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EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (WEAU) - Last night, an Eau Claire man began a journey. One that has him running more than he ever has, during the nights and early mornings and continues all weekend long.

Mark Sieglaff is running all weekend long with very little rest.

“I’m always looking to push my limits, raise the bar a little so to speak,” Sieglaff said.

It started as a recommendation from a friend, now Sieglaff is about halfway through the 4 x 4 x 48 challenge. That’s running four miles, every four hours until he has run a total of 48 miles.

“When I finish my ten o’clock run that will be the most I’ve ever ran and then add another 20 miles on that,” said Sieglaff.

The physical aspect, Sieglaff says he expects to get painful. However the running is only a portion of the work.

“Part of this challenge is finding a cause or someone who needs help.”

That someone ended up being a teenager from the Chippewa Valley.

“As I was making the decision to take on the challenge my daughter mentioned her cousin is best friends with Shannah Juliot and Shannah I think back at the very end of July she started having trouble with her vision and her parents took her to the doctor, the doctor found a brain tumor... she’s only 14 years old.”

Sieglaff hopes sharing her story along the way can make a difference.

“I am trying to bring awareness to her situation in hopes of our great community helping them out.”

An act of kindness, that is pretty typical according to Sieglaff’s friend Jacob Nash,

“The reason this doesn’t surprise me is because his care for other people in general, what I see him do for others there no doubt in my mind that seeing him do this is right up his alley,” Nash said.

“The last couple times that I’ve been out where I’m hurting it’s definitely motivating, it’s like this is nothing compared to what she’s going through,” Siegraff said.

Sunday evening Sieglaff will finish his 48th and final mile.

Sieglaff says once he finished his 48th mile he’ll be enjoying some pizza, a cheeseburger, some beer, and a Monday off work.

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